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What Clients Say

"Mary has been a life coach for most of her life, long before there was a name for the role. As someone lucky enough to have known her for a long time, I’ve been the beneficiary of her thoughtful and wise advice for decades. But when I engaged her as a coach, to help me through an emotionally and professionally challenging time, I experienced the magic that is Mary’s gift to any of us fortunate enough to work with her. Her ability to “hear between the lines”, as I think of it, to ask the questions we don’t or can’t ask ourselves, to connect the dots that are too blurry for us to see, and to nudge us toward clarity with a kind but firm hand is a marvel. Asking for help can be scary and intimidating; anyone who finds Mary on the other side of that request will be rewarded with a working relationship that leads to new perspectives, promising horizons and renewed spirit."

-Ali S.

"Working with Mary Grove has been a rewarding experience as I was able to speak freely about the many ideas and potential future plans that were swimming around in my mind. She was there to help me lay these ideas out in an organized way so that they no longer seemed overwhelming or unattainable, but rather very possible and within reach. Mary really listens and is present. She picked up on my energy when I would talk about things that I was truly passionate about and together we found paths towards finding a future doing something that I truly loved. It's easy to talk to Mary, and I appreciate the time I spent with her as I feel like I have a direction now. :)

-Alli B.

"Mary was always so present in our coaching sessions and helped me put things in perspective for the better. I also really appreciate how she would help me realize that I needed to value myself and my existing accomplishments, without just focusing on what I needed to do better all the time. My self awareness has increased tremendously as a result of our work together. Thank you Mary!!"


-Joseph P.

"In just one session, Mary was able to ask pertinent questions, stimulate deep conversation, make keen observations about what she saw and heard, and connect two important topics that I had not put together before. I left the session energized, hopeful, and filled with ideas. I took several actions as result of our session and am grateful for the experience. It was well worth it!"

-Jane M.

"I am truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Mary during a crucial moment in my life.  It was my first experience working with a life coach, and I was unsure of how things would go. Mary was patient, consistent, and worked with me to help organize my thoughts and goals in a way I had never considered before. My experience was truly incredible. I felt my perspective expanded with every session, and by the time our work ended, she had helped me make one of the most important decisions of my life. I have moved forward with my new trajectory in life with unabashed confidence.  Thank you, Mary, for everything. I could not have done it without you!"

-Gordon M.

"I have had the honor to have Mary Grove as a life coach for a period of my life where I was looking to dig deeper into myself and learn things about myself that I have never processed before.  Mary was amazing at being able to direct me to come to a lot of realizations about patterns that I had never wanted to process before and were ultimately holding me back from growth.  She was extremely compassionate and patient with me throughout this process.

I battled substance abuse issues for 15 years in the past and at this stage of my life I am coming up on 5 years of recovery.  Through the process of the 12 steps, I was able to start to dig into patterns that have been affecting me, but through working with Mary I was able to really target specific things and identify the action that I could take to be able to improve or change these behaviors to help me to be able to continue my growth.  I have had minimal experience with therapists in the past and absolutely zero experience with a life coach until this point.  I struggle with opening up to people, but Mary made this incredibly easy for someone like me with trust issues to feel confident in being able to trust her and speak openly about things that I have only shared with very few people.

Mary also helped me to process and create a plan for big life decisions that I was having to make in my life.  I was getting ready to propose to my girlfriend and I was offered a new position at work.  I was struggling with a lot of fear and anxiety around making such big decisions at this point and Mary was able to provide me with tools that I could use along with my recovery program that were extremely beneficial for me to make big decisions for my life and future.

I strongly recommend Mary as a life coach!  The dedication, compassion and understanding that she showed was truly a gift in my life.  I learned so much from this experience and these life-changing decisions that she helped me to make have been a blessing!"

-Mike B.

-Erik P.

I was fortunate to work with Mary during a very pivotal time in my life. Facing new challenges and an unfamiliar path, which rendered me paralyzed, unable to progress. I had always blamed it on “the way I am” and to me that meant disorganized, lazy and afraid. Mary gave me the organizational tools and the emotional empowerment to recognize that I was capable of more than I had ever imagined. Since working with Mary I have created a career for myself that I never thought possible and even more importantly she showed me how to change the narrative of self doubt that has held me back for years! 10/10 definitely recommended !!

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